Engineered Solutions for Galloping Control

What is Galloping?

Galloping in transmission lines, an engineering phenomenon, occurs when wind-induced vibrations cause overhead power lines to oscillate vertically. These rhythmic movements can create severe mechanical stress on the lines and towers, potentially leading to power outages or equipment failure. To combat this issue, engineers employ transmission line dampers, which are designed to absorb the kinetic energy and mitigate the movement. Dampers work by altering the lines' natural frequency or providing resistance against the aerodynamic forces causing the galloping. By doing so, they ensure the stability and reliability of the electrical grid, even under adverse weather conditions where such galloping is most prevalent.

For over fifty years, AR Products, llc in concert with Research Consulting Associates, have patented proven and reliable anti-vibration and anti-galloping devices for transmission lines and broadcast towers. "Proven and Reliable," the core philosophy of both entities, has ensured a collaborative approach that combines analysis with measurement. It is this synergy that has facilitated the development of new and useful technologies, leading to commercial products.

AR Windamper being installed on a transmission line using a helicopter