Bundled Conductors

What are Bundled Conductors?

Bundled conductors are a unique and innovative approach utilized in electrical power transmission lines to increase their efficiency and reliability. Essentially, bundled conductors consist of multiple cables, typically of the same size and material, that are connected together and run parallel to one another, separated by spacers. This configuration is paramount in reducing the energy losses caused by the corona effect—an electrical discharge that occurs with high voltages—and improving the transmission line's current-carrying capacity. A notable application within this technology is the implementation of anti-galloping devices, designed to prevent the dangerous oscillatory movement of power lines caused by wind or ice. AR Products is at the vanguard of this field, producing state-of-the-art anti-galloping devices which not only secure the conductors but also ensure consistent and safe electrical service during adverse weather conditions. Their precision-engineered solutions are a testament to the role that advanced hardware plays in the performance and durability of bundled conductors in contemporary power transmission infrastructure.

Properties of Bundled Conductors

There are many benefits and properties of bundled conductors for galloping mitigation, including: 

  • Reducing overall power loss - usually incurred through what's referred to as the skin effect—an electrical phenomenon where alternating current flows predominantly near the surface of the conductor, causing higher resistance and thus energy loss. By dividing the current among several parallel strands, this effect is minimized, leading to more efficient transmission of electricity over long distances.
  • Dissipating heat - Bundled conductors enhance the transmission lines capacity, which in turn improved its ability to dissipate heat.
  • Reduced mutual coupling & resistive losses - Bundled conductors allow for reduced mutual coupling and resistive losses, which contribute to a reduced voltage drop and improved system stability.

Cut down corona discharge - The air gaps between bundled strands cut down on corona discharge, a process that can lead to significant power loss, interference with communication systems, and even cause damage if not properly managed

Transmission line dampers and spacers for bundled conductors

AR products have been protecting overhead transmission lines in the U.S. and Canada from high amplitude galloping for more than 50 years. A variety of models are available. Made in the USA, AR Products offers solutions intent on asset protection.

MOD2 Spacer Damper for Bundled Conductors


A gallop control solution for twin, triple or quad bundles, the MOD2 Spacer Damper is effective at controlling galloping and vibration of medium and long spans. Acting as both a torsion and impact damper, the clamps are designed to swivel through large angles about the ring, a feature that allows the damper to attach to both vertical and horizontal bundles. This unique design mitigates sub-conductor oscillation as well as rolling of the bundle. Method of application interrupts single and double loop galloping amplitude.

MOD2 Spacer Damper Tech Sheet

MOD2 Spacer Damper - How it Works

Image of power line spacers

AR Lightweight Spacer Damper for Bundled Conductors


Articulating clamps rotate and twist the conductor through large angles to achieve effective galloping control of the twin bundled conductor, while maintaining separation of the bundle. Installed on the conductor at 60 degrees, the clamp is free to rotate about a hinge axis up to a 120 degree range of rotation.
This design eliminates the potential for corona because the nut(s) at both ends of the stabilizer rod remain inside the bundle. Unlike rigid spacers that separate the bundle but without galloping control, the Lightweight has the widest possible angle of total rotation to facilitate a greater twisting ability of the conductor, and therefore greater galloping control.

Lightweight Spacer Damper Tech Sheet

Video: Watch the Lightweight Spacer Damper in action on bundled lines.

Image of a lightweight power line spacer